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Steve Jobs

Ok so this is a personal blog and though there don’t seem to be many people coming here anymore, I’m going to write this anyway.


Steve Jobs was something of a personal hero.  Apple computers were the system that made me a better programmer and a better artist.  I was out of work and the only job I could get was as a mac programmer, and I wasn’t one at the time.  But I had gone to Mac World with a friend and had won a piece of programmer’s reference software that effectively let me become a mac programmer in less than a month.  I used it and managed to get enough experience to actually become a mac programmer.  It meant that I was working for one of the most forward thinking and outside the box artists of all time on Photoshop filters and user interfaces.   If Steve hadn’t insisted on the libraries of the mac being designed the way they were that piece of software couldn’t have been written and I wouldn’t have been able to leverage that into a second wind for my career.  Ultimately I wound up using macs for personal reasons and programming windows to make a living but even that was due to Steve Jobs licensing those same libraries to Microsoft and Bill Gates software team ripping them off.  Steve changed my life for the better and I wanted to say thanks.  But I never really got the chance.  The one time Steve Jobs and I were in the same room I was busy talking to Timothy Leary.


RIP Steve

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